Effervescent Hypnotics – Joshua Challen Ice

December 2021 – May 2022

GPS presents ‘Effervescent Hypnotics’ a site-specific installation by Pittsburgh-based artist Joshua Challen Ice

website: www.joshuachallenice.com
instagram: @joshuachallenice

Gradient Project Space has transformed into a futuristic street scene composed of reclaimed construction materials, assembled to abstracted, anachronistic telephone booths and MRI machines of sorts. Inside, thrashing kinetic elements bounce around in a chaotic clamor, evoking a simultaneous sensory overload and hypnosis, as each moment of rotation puts the viewer in a trance. The structures are created from found windows, scrapwood, and metal; the mirrored highlights and tech elements transport the viewer to a flashy and futuristic world. Inspired by industry and architecture, the process of building the work is improvisational, and drawn directly from reclaimed materials.